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The Medical Bath Resort of Bük

The Medical Bath Resort of Bük

Guests are welcome with 11 indoor, 4 half-indoor and 11 outdoor pools in the parked area of 14 hectares. During the whole year the indoor bath welcomes people longing for a good bath, where bathing facilities are ensured by the modern and renewed pool space filled with medicinal water. In the half-indoor pool filled up with medicinal water, connected to the indoor bath, bathing is always a pleasant experience. The pools filled with drinking water are connected by a swimming corridor. They are ready to accept those who would like to do sports even in winter. The indoor experience bath also open during the whole year around ensures cheerful recreation for all members of the family.

The existance of the Medical Bath Resort of Bük is due to a fortunate accident, namely as a result of the petroleum drillings at the beginning of the 20th century, then more and more intensive drillings at the end of the '50s, out of the blue sky, a huge water jet burst out onto the surface.

Soon there was a dynamic development concerning bathing facilities. Today, the Medical Bath Resort of Bük is the third largest medical bath resort of Hunagry, well-known all over Europe. Our bath resort is more than a bath, since guests visiting Bükfürdő can find everything they need for a perfect recreation.

Everything for the healing recreation the medicinal water is capable of easing pain and recovering illnesses in the motion tract. The medicinal water of special components is espedally recom-mended in case of treatments related to the motion tract, digestion and gynae-cological problems because of its high content of calcium-magnesium-hydro-genecarbonate. In our Physiotherapeutic Institute, you may take advantage of the modern therapeutic procedures based on medical water. Of course, alternative ways of healing also form part of the therapeutic arsenal.

In the renewed Physiotherapeutic Institute, you can fínd modern treatment rooms as well as a professional background of high quality:

- osteoporosis,
- spondylosis,
- arthrosis,
- discopathia,
- lumbago,
- Bechterew-disease;
- chronic joint inflammation,
- gout,
- inguinal rheumatism,
- rehabifitation after orthopaedic and neurological operations,
- treatment after accidents,
- chronic gynaecological and urological inflammations,
- chronic gastric influenza,
- ulcer illnesses,
- indigestion.

The bath resort welcomes families with children all year. In the playground, splash-pools for children especially generated for children, they can spend great and joyful moments.
Swimming pools with calm water surface, sports fields and plenty of sports facilities are provided for those who fancy sporty way of life. Those who do sports regularly during the whole year can take part in regular and various sport programmes here, too (aquagym, thai chi and aerobics).
The Recreational Park lying in the area of 1.7 hectares, provides you an exclusive and refreshing recreational facility with its indoor experience bath, whirlpool, bubble beth, bubble beds and other aqua-shows.
There are buffets with cold plate and warm dishes, restaurants, butiques, hair-dressers, pedicure, manicure and plenty of other services provided for you in the area of the bath and inside the bath resort. You can find one of Europe's biggest golf court in the neighbourhood.

The medicinal water is contrindicated in case of severe heart or vascular system disease, throm-bosis, malignant tumour, tubercobsis, acute inflammations and pregnancy. The therapeutic effectiveness of the medical bath water with special components can only be successful if modern therapeutic procedures are completed with bathing in the medicinal water - only if it is not contraindicated anyhow. It is recommended to have treatment packages containing 10-29 medical treatments, which are customized after an expert doctor's opinion. In case of having these treatment packages, the entrance fee for the bath is not necessary to be paid, since these indude the possibility of getting into the area of the bathing resort.
The medicinal water can also be applied for drinking treatment. In this case calcium has an effect of quenchmg inflammation, magnesium helps the operation of the gallstone and bitter salt is applied as a purgative.

Büki Gyógyfürdő Rt. (Medical Bath resort of Bük Inc.)
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